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old fashioned 10cl ready made cocktail
old fashioned ready made cocktail 50cl
old fashioned ready made cocktail 1L
20.0% vol

Old Fashioned (new)

20cl = 2 Servings

Price: £5.95

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  • Product Description

    Ready-made Old Fashioned Cocktail: A rich fusion of smooth bourbon and rye whiskey, perfectly complemented by the depth of Angostura bitters - offering notes of spice, woodiness, and a hint of molasses sweetness. This pre-mixed cocktail perfectly captures the sophisticated taste of the Old Fashioned, providing a convenient option for connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

    Chill, Shake, and Pour to unlock the nuanced flavours that define this timeless classic, with each sip echoing the seasoned wooden barrels and exotic spices that traveled the trade routes across the seas.

    ABV: 20% | 10cl = 2 units

  • How To Serve
    Preparing the perfect Old Fashioned is as easy as navigating calm seas with a steady hand:
    1. CHILL: Store the pre-mixed Old Fashioned cocktail in the fridge for at least a few hours before serving to ensure it's chilled and ready.
    2. SHAKE: Before opening, give the bottle a gentle shake to awaken its flavours and ensure all ingredients are properly combined.
    3. POUR: Swirl a twist of orange peel around the glass to deposit its oils, enhancing the aroma and flavour of the cocktail. Then simply pour the Old Fashioned cocktail into the glass over ice.
    4. GARNISH: After pouring the cocktail, leave the orange peel in the glass as a garnish, adding a touch of citrus aroma and visual appeal.
  • Tasting Notes
    • Nose: The aroma welcomes you with the rich sweetness of caramel and vanilla, interwoven with spicy, earthy undertones and an additional layer of herbal complexity.
    • Palate: Tasting unveils sweetness highlighting caramel and vanilla, which blend effortlessly with the spicy and slightly peppery essence. There is a refined bitterness, deepening the flavour with notes of spice and a nuance of woodiness.
    • Finish: The finish is smooth and lingering, where a hint of molasses sweetness remains, complemented by an enduring warmth and a subtle reminder of aged wooden barrels and the exotic spices.
    • Overall: A symphony of traditional flavours, providing a sophisticated yet accessible tasting experience, ideal for those who might appreciate the depth and heritage of a classic cocktail.
  • What People Say
    “Outstanding” David M
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    We donate 1% of all our sales to Project Seagrass, a marine conservation charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems through education, influence, research and action.

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