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passion fruit martini ready made cocktail 10cl
50cl bottle of passion fruit martini ready made cocktail
1L bottle of passion fruit martini ready made cocktail
15.0% vol

Passion Fruit Martini (new)

20cl = 2 Servings

Price: £5.95

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D.P. (Exeter, United Kingdom)

Good quality cocktail

  • Product Description

    Passion Fruit Martini ready-made cocktail: a taste sensation crafted in small batches for perfection. Distilled with Dartmoor's crystal-clear waters, TORS Vodka meets the ripe zest of passion fruit, enhanced by sweet vanilla and a tang of lime. Embracing Devon's finest, our cocktail unites premium local ingredients with our commitment to sustainability. A carefully crafted blend that honours the environment as much as your palate.  

    ABV: 15% | 10cl = 1.5 units

  • How To Serve
    1. Chill: Refrigerate the Passion Fruit Martini to ensure it's as refreshing as a sea breeze on a hot day.
    2. Shake: Give the bottle a robust shake, like a ship braving the waves, to blend the Tors Vodka, Fair Passion Fruit Liqueur, natural passion fruit, vanilla, and lime into a harmonious concoction.
    3. Pour: Delicately pour the mix into a glass, allowing the colours to swirl like the ocean's mesmerizing hues.
    4. Garnish: Adorn the drink with half a passion fruit, reminiscent of a vibrant treasure from the depths of tropical seas, adding a burst of fresh aroma and a visual nod to the cocktail's exotic origins.
  • Tasting Notes
    • Aroma: Welcomes with a vibrant, tropical scent of passion fruit, complemented by a subtle hint of fresh lime, creating an inviting, zesty bouquet.
    • Taste: The palate experiences a refreshing tartness of passion fruit, balanced by the smooth, gentle sweetness of vanilla. The clean, crisp essence of Tors Vodka underpins the interplay of fruit and vanilla flavors.
    • Mouthfeel: Features a smooth and velvety texture, with the creaminess of vanilla softening the citrus and fruit sharpness, enhancing the drinking experience.
    • Finish: Concludes with a lovely vanilla flourish, not overly sweet, but providing a nuanced, rounded counterpoint to the fruitiness, leaving a balanced and satisfying aftertaste.
  • What People Say
    “Named as the UK's favourite cocktail, the Passion Fruit Martini has become the go-to tipple for many."
  • Nutritional Information
    Vegan. Contains alcohol.
  • Delivery details

    We will ship within 1-2 working days, or use our Build A Box option to pick a date that suits you.

  • 1% to Seagrass

    We donate 1% of all our sales to Project Seagrass, a marine conservation charity devoted to the conservation of seagrass ecosystems through education, influence, research and action.

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