Our Story

As the world came to an unexpected standstill in 2020, we would take a break from our routines and spend a few carefree hours at our local beach in Exmouth with friends and their children. With 25 years of experience working behind and in front of bars around the world, Tim has mastered the art of making a great drink. In his rucksack was a flask containing a lovingly prepared margarita - a cocktail expertly made with nothing but premium ingredients.

Having managed bars at major events like the Olympics, Tim understands that for people to truly enjoy a cocktail, it needs to be expertly made and served as soon as possible. While the kids happily built sandcastles, the adults relaxed nearby, savouring each sip of Tim's delicious margarita in the company of friends.

Tim's margarita was no ordinary cocktail - it was a masterpiece, created with his deep passion for mixology skills honed over decades in the bar industry. Each ingredient was carefully selected and perfectly blended, creating a flavour combination that danced on the tongue. Zesty citrus notes melded seamlessly with smooth tequila, while a hint of sweetness lingered pleasantly. In fact, the cocktails taste so authentic that many bars and restaurants now choose to serve Bar Buoys direct from the bottle.

Tim shaking his margarita in a cocktail shaker

As our friends tasted the sublime margarita, their eyes would light up with delight, and the same question would invariably come up: "Why don't you bottle this?" The unanimous praise and encouragement resonated deeply with us, sparking an entrepreneurial spirit that drives us to make the best cocktails to this day.

Fuelled by this passion, supported by loved ones, and driven to capture the joy of those sun-drenched family beach days, we set out on a mission to share our beloved margarita masterpiece with the world. We were determined to spread the beach bar vibe it had brought to our idyllic seaside memories far and wide.

Margarita ready made cocktail (10cl single serving)

Each of our small-batch cocktails is crafted with the finest ingredients and mixed close to the ocean to mirror the genuine feel of a beachside bar drink. Tim's extensive knowledge, recognising the importance of quality and timely service, ensures that every Bar Buoy cocktail delivers the experience of being freshly prepared right before your eyes. This commitment to authenticity and excellence has not only earned us several accolades but also made our cocktails a preferred choice in many bars and restaurants, valued for their perfect blend of convenience and quality.

Environmental Responsibility

Our vision extends further than just crafting the best ready made cocktails. We are deeply committed to environmental stewardship, actively supporting marine conservation through Project Seagrass and prioritising sustainable packaging to minimise our ecological footprint. By donating 1% of all our sales to this vital charity, we're actively supporting the conservation of seagrass ecosystems, crucial for marine biodiversity and climate change mitigation. This commitment to education, research, and direct action reflects our ethos of contributing to a healthier planet. 

Bar Buoy Cocktails stands as more than just a brand; it represents a fusion of passion, expertise, and dedication to creating memorable moments, all while upholding a profound respect for our natural surroundings. We're dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet, one cocktail at a time.

We delved deep into the alchemy of flavours, balancing premium local spirits with high-quality ingredients, all sourced with a nod to sustainability and a respect for the natural world. We envisioned each cocktail as a vessel of our love for the coast, an invitation to our customers to pause, sip, and connect with the moment's beauty.

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